Mesmerizing with the Spring 2019 bridal collection

After Khai Vinh released the SPRING 2019 collection, thousands of girls were mesmerized by the stunning and unique bridal dresses.

The Spring bridal dress is a fashion-forward design for the year 2019, featuring a sensual and distinctive style with the theme “SPRING Bridal 2019.”

From the peak to the hemline, all are designed and adorned with crystals. Along with sparkling sequins that look luxurious and glamorous. The bold plunge neckline style showcases the sensual curves of the body. Combined with a form-fitting and flowing silhouette like the gentle breeze. Unmarried girls will be attracted and dreamy. For brides-to-be, it is essential to not overlook the process of searching, admiring, and deliberating. To find the most beautiful and dazzling wedding dress for the most important day of your life.

When you step into the aisle, all eyes will be on you. So how can you boost your confidence and outer beauty to have a successful and joyful wedding that everyone will remember?

The SPRING 2019 wedding dress collection is suitable for brides with slim and graceful figures, showcasing their curves in a seductive manner. The highlight of the wedding dress collection is the sparkling crystal beads that gracefully sway in the gentle hands, giving the girls an alluring charm.

Khải Vinh is famous for designing beautiful and unique wedding dresses, inspired by myths and fairy tales. The SPRING wedding dresses exude a charming, delicate, and dreamy atmosphere, made from the best fabrics in the world.

Especially, the details on the dresses are meticulously handmade, making many girls’ hearts tremble. That’s why this collection is highly sought after by Studios, Photo Studios, and others.

The color white symbolizes purity

The collection mainly uses white to emphasize the youthfulness and purity of the woman in front of her lover. It portrays love in white, passionately exuding a pure and elegant beauty. The color also serves as a highlight for brides to pay attention to. Most Vietnamese brides prefer to wear white wedding dresses.

Khải Vinh’s latest wedding dress design trend for 2019 reflects the emotions of the brides to showcase a beautiful, glamorous outfit that is highly sought after. Wholesale customers who place orders for wedding dresses at Khải Vinh continue to study the 2019 collection.

Khai Vinh has launched the SPRING 2019 collection to provide brides with more ideas for choosing their wedding dresses this spring. With these designs, you can transform into a princess from the golden era.

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