The cheapest wholesale wedding dresses on the market

Khai Vinh is a wholesale wedding dress design company with a large-scale workshop for direct dress production. We specialize in creating and providing wedding dresses for studios and photo studios of all sizes across the country. With a team of over 15 years of experience, we have a stock of high-quality imported lace and gemstones, ensuring confidence in delivering beautiful and custom-fit wedding dresses at competitive prices that meet every bride’s quality and budget requirements

Reasons why you should choose Khai Vinh Bridal wedding dresses

  • Over 1000 wedding dress styles available at our studio, with hundreds of new designs released each week.
  • Our direct manufacturing workshop employs over 300 skilled workers with 15+ years of experience.
  • Our team of professional and creative wedding dress designers can quickly capture market trends and continuously update new styles.
  • Our experienced artisans can meticulously tailor wedding dresses to fit every bride, regardless of their body type.
  • Khai Vinh Bridal has over 300 trusted partner studios nationwide.
  • Our prices are the most competitive on the market
Khải Vinh Bridal giúp cô dâu tỏa sáng ước mơ
Khai Vinh Bridal helps brides shine their dream

Almost every bride desires to have their own unique essence reflected in their wedding dress, to mark an important milestone in their life. However, the process of fulfilling those dreams can be a long journey, as not every dressmaker can meet the requirements of every bride. For brides with larger body types or broad shoulders, it can be difficult to find a reliable wedding dressmaker who can conceal their imperfections. Khai Vinh Bridal prides itself on always meeting the most demanding requirements of every bride, tailored to their specific needs.

Consulting for studios and photography studios in choosing wedding dresses

A fashionable wedding dress not only needs to be beautiful but also needs to keep up with the latest fashion trends to create uniqueness and distinctiveness. With years of experience in designing wedding dresses, Khai Vinh can assist studios and photography studios in choosing dresses that align with current trends and criteria.

Based on the experiences we have gained from our partnerships with studios, photo galleries, makeup artists, etc., they trust us to provide the most beautiful and highest quality wedding dresses. We provide custom-made wedding dresses according to the bride’s requirements. Khai Vinh Bridal also offers consultation and assistance with necessary information to ensure customer satisfaction.


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